What Is Georgian Style?

This particular style of home decor gets its name from Georgian architecture of the 18th Century. Since it is modeled after a style of architecture, many people struggle trying to find home accessories to suit the style. Here's a basic low-down on Georgian style, and home accessories and decor to suit the look.

About the Architecture Style

Before you can understand the home decor style, you must know about the architecture style. With Georgian styling, buildings are typically simple one or two story boxes that are symmetrical in size and shape. The front door is centered on the facade and surrounded by rectangular windows. The look is completed using plenty of embellishments, decorative molding such as dentil work and other ornate details.

Color Palettes

As with any home decor style, the color palette is extremely important. During the 18th century, certain styles, including Georgian and Victorian, began experimenting with more vibrant hues. The most popular choices for Georgian home decor include stone grays, Prussian blue, buff beiges, whites, and so forth. However, you can also include brighter hues such as Venetian red, indigo blue, yellow ochre, royal plum purples, rosy pinks and so forth.

Since this style varies when it comes to color and era-accuracy, it's actually relatively difficult to make the wrong choice. Consider pairing the more traditional hues, such as a stone gray or buff beige, with a more vibrant hue of your choice. This will help you create a modern twist to traditional Georgian home decor.

From the Ground Up

In a home that features this decor style, Georgian decor often features elegant wood floors. Ideally, you should opt for oak that is unstained by seals and polishes. While this is the preferred choice, it isn't the only option. Other popular choices include fir and pine that has been limed-washed, painted or varnished.

Those with more wealth often incorporated patterns into their flooring, such as an inlaid floor with a geometric pattern, stenciling or parquet layout.

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