How to Create Interior Design Layout

Today, many work fields can't be separated from computer. The technology is very important for some job field like interior design when we need to create a layout of design for consumer's consideration. There are long steps to create full layout, if you want to try creating some layout then you are recommended to have the book, but there is steps of making it as initial picture.

First of all, start with opening the program in your computer, it is Photoshop 7.0 or above. Then Press Ctrl+N to create new document and do not forget to name it. Set the width and height values as you want.

To create the background, for example you want to make an orange background, go to panels and pick orange color. In this option, you will find more color as the combination. You can choose dark orange or less orange depend on your need. Then use the paint bucket tool available in the toolbox panel to fill the background.

Next step you can add the gradient to give elegant and smooth sense. Select the gradient tool or you can push Shift+G then open the gradient options box. Set the type as you desire and choose foreground to transparency preset type (2) in order to make elegant look.

To set the foreground color to black for your interior design layout, you need to create new layer easy by going to layer and click new. After that you need to create the header followed by step before, you need to make new layer again. Pick a rectangular marquee tool and make a selection on the top, then select color for the foreground. Press Alt+backspace to fill the color and press Ctrl+D to cancel. Regardless of what you created, whether it is interior design living room or another part, you need to remember those buttons.

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