Decorating a Beach House With Flea Market Finds

Anyone who has ever watched one of the cable television shows that depicts people out searching yard sales and old barns for hidden treasures knows the allure of the flea market find. Not only can this be a fun way to decorate, but when you are decorating a beach house or second home, saving money is also important. Do not let the thought of expensive furniture and accessories deter you from decorating your beach house the way that you want. Instead, embrace the potential of flea markets and create the perfect look with all of your flea market finds.

The Basics
When you are decorating your beach house, one of the most important things to look for is furniture that is durable, comfortable, and can be easily cleaned. Wicker chairs that are in good condition and old wooden chairs that can be repainted are always good flea market finds. Take the time to inspect the joints and all areas of the wood or metal to make sure that there are no stress fractures or cracks. Even if the chair is decorated with peeling red paint when you see it in the corner of a flea market booth, with a bit of sanding and repainting, you can have the perfect white chair for your beach house living room or guest room. While you may not want to invest in upholstered items, because they are hard to wash and can carry insects, solid pieces of wood furniture are usually sure bets.

Wrought iron candle sticks, chandeliers, and hurricane lamps are all popular flea market finds. Look for unusual accessories that compliment the colors and look that you are after in your beach house. Small bottles in different shapes and colors might be ideal for a small windowsill in your beach house kitchen when you place a daisy in each one. Old signs that feature wording about the beach town, ice cream, or other beach related theme could be perfect wall accents for any room in the house. Do not be afraid to try something unusual if it catches your eye. The more interesting and unusual an item is, the more likely it is to make a big impact in your living space.

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