5 Ideas to Make Your Table Look More Inviting

Be it a marriage, party or any other occasion, setting up the table is one of the major tasks. Hosts interested in artistic activities enjoy everything from selecting the best table cloth to creating the beautiful centerpiece in the table. Here are some simple ideas to make your tables look all the more inviting with floating candles.

    Every one of us has seen floating candle centerpieces in glass bowls and dishes. Just try to create one with floating candles set, using the normal cup and soccer set as shown below. Convert the coffee jug into a flower wash and make its counterparts candle holders. This will look simple and inviting. You can small flowers around each cup. Such decorations can be placed on one side of the buffet tables, where all the dishes are arranged.

    Take a simple wine glass with a slightly longer stem. Place a pair of small floating candles in it. Since, it is Christmas season we will get lots of small wreaths. Attach one to the wine glass. You can simply use a beautiful hair band instead of the wreath. Just leave some satin ribbons hanging down. The result will look more or less like the one shown in the figure except for the stand and the candle in the stem. It still makes one of the beautiful floating candle centerpieces for romantic dinners. Select two or three glasses in different heights, decorate them in a same way and place them along one another to add more effect.

    Using seasonal decorations are always great for the party. Use white and red disco balls for in the candle bowl for Christmas and Valentine's Day. Disco balls with names of your beloved printed on them will look much more attractive. If it is a wedding party or a birthday party, add objects like small animals, red hearts and alphabetical letters and pearls in the floating candle centerpieces. Select the candle in a color contrasting the other objects floating in the bowl to create more effect.

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