Creating Style and Warmth in Your Home With Traditional Radiators

When decorating our homes and deciding on the style and theme we are going to give a room, we tend to think firstly about the colour scheme, the soft furnishings such as the curtains, sofa cushions, rugs and lighting, the flooring, the wallpaper... But it is the little finishing touches which give character and uniqueness to a room. For instance, if you wished to give your home a traditional, period style, you might want to think about installing traditional cast iron radiators. Vintage decor has remained a popular style for a number of years, and so is not likely to date quickly; traditional styles of home furnishings have an ageless quality.

These beautifully crafted traditional radiators are designed to look like original Victorian cast iron radiators and instantly create a feeling of nostalgia. They are most commonly seen in old, draughty churches and school buildings, but are becoming increasingly fashionable for home use, because of their vintage style. Each radiator is made by hand to ensure that they are of the highest quality. There are a number of designs of traditional radiators to choose from. Most of them are based around the basic four column radiator shape, but you can choose from plain radiators, to ornately patterned radiators. You might also like the look of the more unique Victorian nine column radiator. Its unusual shape is sure to make a great feature in any traditional room.

Once you have chosen the radiator you like, you can order it in whatever dimensions are suitable for your home. This flexibility means however large or small your home, you are not limited to a certain design of radiator. Another asset of the cast iron radiator is that they hold their heat for longer than a modern steel radiator, resulting in an efficient and economic heating system.

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